Dragon Fire Performance Electronics Conversion Ignition Kits


Electronic Ignition Kits – Simple yet Powerful


Electronic Ignition Kits – Simple yet Powerful

Dragon Fire Performance electronic conversion ignition kits restore spark to your dated ignition while meeting the highest quality standards for providing stable output even under extreme operating conditions. Ideal for use in automotive, marine, agricultural, and industrial applications when the factory distributor design just cannot do the job or are no longer available. Tested and ensured for reliable spark and direct fitment inside the OE ignition distributor. Provides peak performance under load and extended service life.

A wide range replacement options for complete application coverage.

Committed to delivering products made from only the best raw materials, Dragon Fire Performance® plug wires are manufactured using materials and equipment from some of the world’s top material suppliers in Germany, Japan, and USA. Working in conjunction with Dow, Wacker, Shin-Etsu, GEM, and Dupont to name just a few.

  • Direct Fit inside the OEM Distributor
  • High Energy Output Capable
  • Stable High RPM Signal for Smoother Engine Operation
  • Performance Grade Solid State Electronics for quicker cold starts and acceleration
  • Maintenance Free – Set and Forget design
  • Insulated Module Housing
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • IATF 16949-2016
  • CE PED

Additional information

Available Applications

Agricultural, Automotive, Industrial, Marine

Charging System

12v Negative Ground Only

Temperature Range

-40° F to +400° F